Umthun Specialized Carriers, Inc.

Umthun Trucking Co

       Umthun Trucking Company was founded in 1963 in Eagle Grove, Iowa. From the original Steve Umthun and Sons founded in 1947 as primary operators Steve Umthun, Sr. and Joe Umthun (eldest son)  the family size grew to add  more trucks hauling different products.

The 'family' included immediate brothers and sisters and mother Verona:  Jean, Virgil, Frank, Mark, Dorene, Bernadette, Mary and Donna as well as Jane. Other extended family members were Charlie Powell (married Mary) and managed the tractor shop, Art Hauer (married Dorene) who drove and later managed the trailer shop, Bill Bennett (married Jean and ran Fremont, Ne terminal), Frank married Mary and they ran the Muscatine terminal together. 

Many other close friends were a part of the family like Adrian Helwig, the Kepper brothers Henry and Eddie and many others.  Over the years many other local Eagle Grove families became part of the family business.

The hauling products now included feed and grains or fertilizers in hopper and pneumatic bottle tank type trailers to perishable items like eggs in 'cooler' trailers as well as flatbed materials of lumber, wallboard/gypsum board steel and you name it!

Wright and Webster counties of Iowa were the primary outbound areas servicing the surrounding states and longer hauls to New York City and Boston. By 1967 the company had grown to expand business contracts such that a national ruling by the Interstate Commerce Commission known as 'THE RULE OF EIGHT' established the Umthun Trucking was no longer a contract carrier but that by its size had become a 'common carrier' held out to the public convenience and necessity.

During the mid '70's Umthun Trucking had terminals in Fort Dodge, Iowa; Fremont, Nebraska; Mediapolis, Iowa; Hammond, Indiana and St Paul, Minnesota. Later in the '80's there would be Texas, Alabama abd Ohio terminals.

By the late 80's and 90's Umthun Trucking was a well established 500 truck fleet with the famous Red on White trucks.


This is Jerry and Christine at the Iowa capitol building after the 1976 Iowa State parade through downtown Des Moines. This truck was a 1973 Diamond Reo 350 Cummins powered 13 speed pulling a gravity flow grain trailer. The truck toured all over IOWA in 1976 in various parades in celebration of the 200 year Centennial. The red and blue was metal flake with numerous clear coats.

 The pnuematic tank trailer pulled by the Diamond T was a classic. Grain, fertilizer and feeds were delivered direct to customers bins via this pressurized bottle trailer.

This 1970's model Freightliner was powered by a 290 Cummins, 9 speed direct transmission, bias ply rear tires, spring ride, center post steering over radial tires. No A/C and  am radio only. Jerry put on over 150,000 miles during 2 part time years OTR in '76 and '77 and '78 with a 45 foot flatbed in the midwest hauling wallboard, steel, pipe and other kuhl flatbed freight. I painted the wheels white over protest from uncle Joe (because the fleet stndard was silver over black).  On 7-7-1977 at 7 pm in Fremont, Nebr. I put in 77.7 gallons fuel in thie truck number 796.  When I was dating Christine from Webster City I would come through town late friday and her mom would bring me to the highway where we would travel up to Eagle Grove. I would fuel and park the truck and clean up while Christine visited the parents - then we would go on the 'actual date'. Christine and I were married 12-1978.

A very early years application of wallboard hauling on a 40 foot trailer pulled by an Emeryville International. This was a 235 natural aspirated engine with straight 10 speed and bias ply tires all around in 10;00 x 20 size with Dayton hub 2 piece wheels.

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