Umthun Specialized Carriers, Inc.
Steve Umthun Sons

Steve Umthun and Sons circa 1960's. From left to right is Virgil Umthun, Joe Umthun, founder and grandpa Steve Umthun, Charles Powell, Sr., Doreen Hauer and Mark Umthun.
Founded in 1947 the family business was 'Steve Umthun and Sons" to specialize in the grain shelling and hauling business. Several rigs were hauling eggs to the East. Uncle Mark and Frank have some GREAT stories to tell of trucks running East to the markets of Boston and New York City during the late 50's and early 60's.

Dad told me once the tires on the trucks were rotated from the duals outside to inside only because many highways then had 45 degree curbs. The outside tires would wear the outside tread and sidewall agains the curb. By rotating them to the inside the life of the     BIAS PLY TRACTOR TIRE  would be increased almost 50 percent.
The fleet was run from the yard on Jackson Street in Eagle Grove. This was the 'fleet' in circa 1947..?

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