Christine has 7 years experience in customer service with the trucking industry. Attention to detail and follow up are key to prove our value to customers.
Umthun Specialized Carriers, Inc.
Jerry and Christine will provide you truckload and partial LTL services for flatbeds, step decks and other 'platform' trailer types. Umthun Specialized Carriers is a sales and dispatch agent for quality carriers that have been in the truckload flatbed business for a long time. Each carrier we represent provides a unique ability to deliver your product in a timely, consistent and safe manner.

JONES MOTOR GROUP  SPRING CITY, PENNSYLVANIA   MC 004963. Jones operates over 800 owner operator trucks nationwide with over 100 agent based sales offices. Jones Motor Group has been in business since 1894! Many JONES operators are equipped with CONESTOGA  or SOFT SIDE CURTAIN trailers on both flatbeds and step decks in either 48 or 53 foot trailer lengths.

Many Jones Motor Group owner/operators provide 53 foot step deck trailers with ramps and extenders. These operators specialize in hauling 'wheeled' machinery and trucks or cars. Having ramps with driver provides versatile services for you to load and unload off site or 'anywhere' the equipment is. Jones can provide you trucking services for your machinery, agriculture equipment, cars, boats and off road service trucks.

MERCER TRANSPORTATION OF LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY provides us an additional 2,850 owner/operators pulling flatbeds and step decks as well as RGN and 350 dry vans.  Mercer is exclusive owner/operator with strong central dispatch coordination. GPS tracking, real time load tracing and dispatch helps Mercer achieve a higher acceptance of customer service. 24 hour 7 day per week  management.

TENNESSEE STEEL HAULERS OF NASHVILLE, TENN. Primarily flatbeds traveling North and South.
TSH has a strong Southern base. many root for the Volunteers - as we do too!

ADMIRAL MERCHANTS MOTOR FREIGHT - Minneapolis. 100% owner operators of step deck, RGN and flatbeds. An 'old school' kind of company with down to earth drivers.

Umthun Specialized Carriers, Inc. is just that - we provide specialized flatbed and platform service utilizing the resources of carriers that have been in the business for a long time. Our sales is always using the services of trucks permanently leased or owned by these carriers.

Jerry has been in the trucking business since 1971. He started in the shop and yards and graduated through over-the road driving to a college degree in business and transportation management. His last 15 years experience in sales and business development has led to our establishing Umthun Specialized Carriers, Inc. With over 35 years exposure we have been around the block a couple times; we have certainly seen a lot - but not everything. Let us apply that experience and background to work for you today.
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